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In a recent discussion about the state of blockbuster action movies, a friend claimed to be more forgiving for senseless scripts when it comes to motion pictures that bring back memories of his youth. After he dissed the silliness of the Lucy and John Wick story lines, he admitted being more tolerant towards The Avengers and The Transformers because he read the comics and played with the robot cars as a kid. I did neither of both, so my preference definitely goes to mindless entertainment starring Scarlett Johansson or Keanu Reeves.

After watching Ridley Scott’s Exodus a similar thought ran through my head. If you grew up with bible/thora/koran stories, you kind of know what to expect and can only be intrigued by this 2014 blockbuster interpretation. If you never read or heard the epic tale of Moses liberating his people from slavery and leading them to the promised land, you may experience this movie very differently and often think: WTF!

It’s presumptuous to believe that the story is known to all, but even if you have no religious upbringing, you still might have seen the animation movie The Prince Of Egypt. 

Exodus: Gods and Kings is good entertainment. Even in 3D. It’s epic in the sense that no costs were spared for costumes and set designs. But when you strip it from all the visual flair, you end up with a non-confrontational good vs bad story. That’s not bad. It’s not as pretentious as Noah and not as religiously inspired as Son Of God. It’s just a good historical epic story with little to complain about. Apart from details like the miscasting of Ramses (why choose an unknown caucasian guy, if you get someone like Said Taghmaoui?) and illogical images like Ramses’ army first being heavily decimated by a stone avalanche and then suddenly being larger than ever when they reach the Red Sea.

Gravity 3D – ***

Posted: November 4, 2013 in 2013, 3D, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, USA, XXX

Gravity is the kind of movie that you need to see on a big screen. With a pair of 3D glasses. It really enhances the experience. In fact, the whole movie is a unique experience. The special effects are incredible and the limited cinematography is mind-blowing. Of course this has all to do with the setting of the story: the orbit around our planet.

The story is very simple. Two astronauts survive a devastating wave of satellite debris that has destroyed the space shuttle that should take them back to earth and that has killed the other members of the space program. They are all alone out there and need to find a way to get back to earth.

The first hour of this movie is excellent. It starts with space, then that beautiful blue and white planet called earth comes into the screen and there’s a space shuttle coming right at you. Before you know it you feel weightless and up in space like the main characters doing some reparation work on a communication panel. Then comes a warning from Houston, but it’s too late, debris hits the space shuttle and two astronauts are adrift. It doesn’t feel like science fiction at all. It’s scary as hell. It’s claustrophobic and if it would have been an 4D experience, with seats moving along with the action scenes, everybody in the theatre would have thrown up. One of the astronauts who’s adrift just spins and spins and spins and spins. It makes you nauseous. And it leaves you wondering what will happen next.

But then a plan is made and that spoils the fun. There’s no more tension anymore as you know how the movie will end. And so the only thing to do is to enjoy the special effects. And get annoyed by the soundtrack and by the unrealistic end.

First act: **** Second act: *** Third act: *