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The story is incredibly silly. A screwball comedy based on… surprise… a misunderstanding. Fred Astaire’s character falls for Ginger Rogers’ character, who assumes he’s the cheating husband of her best friend!

The movie still works remarkably well. But of course there’s the overacting, including the at times ridiculous facial expressions on the actor’s faces. And weird macho sexism (it’s okay for the husband to cheat as long as he provides), performed by effeminate men (the husband, the butler, the fashion designer… womanizers, really?)

But who cares. Astaire and Rogers dance. Quite a lot. And wonderfully. These two are golden on the dance floor.

Recommended by a colleague who saw it on tv today and posted about it online. And by my 86 year old mom who called me to say how much she loved having watched this again. And there’s two more Ginger/Fred movies scheduled this weekend.