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Gigi – *1/2

Posted: May 27, 2014 in 1958, France, Musical, Romance, romcom, USA, X1/2

Gigi is a pretty perverse musical set in Paris with some great songs and some funny scenes, but an incredibly unappealing love story. A rich sugar business magnate is falling for a young girl he’s seen growing up. She’s very different form all the women he’s been dating, but maybe she is the one! Within two hours you see a man treat an adolescent girl first as kid, then as a courtesan and then as his future wife. Weird. He says things like ‘if I have a girl and she behaves like you, she’ll get a good spanking’ and that’s not the only time your eyebrows will rise. It’s just too silly for words. This girl is raised to be some rich man’s mistress, which around the turn of last century was still an okay thing to do, but which now translates in being a luxury escort. It just feels wrong. The story reminded me of Sissi, the young Bavarian princess whom the Emperor of Austria fell in love with. But then redone much worse. It had my attention for an hour and then I started surfing the internet. I hope not all these classics in the Warner Brothers collection will be this boring.

However, some scenes are good. It’s very colorful and the songs are well-known. ‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’ (sounds also very inappropriate) and ‘I Remember It Well’ by Maurice Chevalier are great. ‘The Parisians’ is funny too.

I don’t understand the Parisians
Making love every time they get a chance
I don’t understand the Parisians
Wasting every lovely night on romance
Anytime, and under every tree in town
They’re in session two by two
What a crime with all there is to see in town
They can’t find something else to do