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Love Come Back – **

Posted: January 2, 2017 in 1961, romcom, USA, XX

Movie Night with my mom. Her choice: an oldie with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. A fun one! Of course, the story evolves around a huge misunderstanding, but it gets quite complicated for a simple screwball comedy. Two competitors in the advertisement industry vie for the same clients. One (Rock Hudson’s Jerry) always gets them, because he’s a) a man; b) a professional liar and c) gives them exclusive gifts. The other (Doris Day’s Carol) is a) a woman, b) dead honest and c) just always too late. There’s rumor about a new product being launched, called VIP and Carol wants to find its inventor before Jerry does. However, as she gets to the inventor’s house she meet Jerry (who she never met before) and who pretends to be the inventor himself.

It’s all a bit far fetched. But it’s a screwball comedy from the sixties, so who cares. It’s nice to watch the set design and the advertisement world, realizing that the team from Mad Men must have looked at this movie as well. It’s also interesting to see how Rock Hudson acted at his peak being a woman’s idol, still being in the closet, but adding ‘hints’ in certain scenes about his sexuality, which are only obvious decades later.

The end is a bit abrupt and over the top. But the movie surprisingly stood the test of time. There’s a certain charm about romcoms from the past that don’t explicitly show sex and lust, but hint at it. And Doris Day is a cool feminist model, too conservative of course, but still. After watching Mad Men which takes place after this movie was released and focuses on the struggle of women in the advertisement world, it’s pretty cool to see Day perform  an independent, single living, creative and ambitious professional gal. Learn from her, Peggy Olson!

Oh, and if there’s ever a biopic about Rock Hudson, Hugh Jackman should play him! Just watch Rock with a beard!