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Hello, Dolly – *(*)

Posted: December 27, 2015 in 1969, Musical, USA, X1/2

The dance sequences are in general quite entertaining to look at. Some songs pass the test too. (surprise: it’s Hello, Dolly and not Hello, Darling!!!) The set design is lavish and the costumes are very colorful. But those lyrics are dated. And the storyline as well.

Dolly is a 19th century matchmaker who sets up an encounter between a grumpy old man and a younger lady. However, she really wants the man for herself and makes sure the encounter doesn’t go as planned. It’s a mystery why this independent woman (performed by Barbara Streisand – who has zero charm) wants the cynical sexist man (Walter Matthau – who has no charm either), but it’s a standard set up for those times.

But nobody watches this for the storyline or the acting. They just watch it  because they want an evening of old fashioned kitsch.

True Grit – **1/2

Posted: May 10, 2011 in 1969, Classic, Drama, USA, Western, XX1/2

Since all passengers tell me the new True Grit is nothing compared to the old one, I decided to watch it. Well, whatever the Coen brothers say as it not being a remake but a reinterpretation, it’s a remake! They almost stole scene by scene. Watching the old movie was a bit of a bore because of that, because I had just seen the new version and I still knew everything that happened. Hm.

That said, I liked the old version. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone’s acting fine, the humor is funny and it must have been pretty daring in the time it was released. Not sure if John Wayne deserved an Oscar for it. I preferred Jeff Bridges in the new one. But the girl in the old one is better than the new girl. 😉

Anyways. worth watching!