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Halls Of Anger – **(*)

Posted: February 25, 2018 in 1970, Drama, USA, XX
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Calvin Lockhart has a very short scene in Coming To America, without even a line. Yet, his presence was the best thing of the entire movie. A little bit of research learns he was quite the accomplished actor in the late sixties and early seventies. The guy has Charisma with a capital C. And one of his best movies is available on YouTube.

Halls Of Anger is an interesting movie. It’s focusing on reverse racism. A new regulation needs to send some white high school kids to an exclusive black school, who are NOT happy with their arrival. In comes a successful, black, English teacher (and ex basket ball player), who needs to keep the tensions to a minimum.

It’s a movie from 1970. Almost 50 years old. It was made in the time of the black panther party. Not the superhero fan get-together, but the militant Malcolm X movement. Some elements of this high school drama may still be applicable today, which is quite shocking. But other elements are very outdated.

The acting is good though. It has Jeff Bridges as one of the white kids who would love to just blend in, but is confronted with jealousy and hatred. And it has the late Calvin Lockhart as the teacher. The guy steals every scene he is in. Some of the characters are played by actors who are ten years older than their character. A common thing at the time (remember the ‘kids’ from Grease or Lisa from The Sound Of Music..), but kinda annoying. There are also a few scenes that just don’t make sense at all or are really exploitive. Like when the black girls want to check if the blond girl is blond everywhere. That’s a nude scene on youtube!  Plus: the soundtrack is excellent.