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Classic: Life Of Brian – ***

Posted: June 19, 2018 in 1979, Comedy, Parody, UK, XXX


Sometimes you need a good Monty Python. This is still funny. Not all of it. (the mute and stutterer scene a.o.) But a classic nevertheless. And Michael Palin is a revelation.

Watch it (again)


Posted: October 1, 2016 in 1979, Comedy, Slapstick, USA, War

This is by far the worst Steven Spielberg movie ever. There’s a lot going on, yes, but at the same time there is nothing happening at all (that makes any sense).

It’s a comedy without jokes. Not even the slapstick scenes make you smile (and there’s an overdose of them). All actors seem to be on drugs. They blurt out lines that make no sense at all and they all run around like chickens without a head. It’s very racist as well. There’s a difference between calling out Nazi’s (as opposed to Germans) and calling out Japs (as in general: all Japanese). It’s like someone at Universal thought: we’ll give Spielberg so much money to waste on a comedy that he will never ask us for money again.

To avoid at all costs (unless you really want to see all of Spielberg’s movies).


All That Jazz – **

Posted: May 7, 2016 in 1979, Dramedy, Musical, USA, XX

Musical director Bob Fosse made his own autobiographical movie ten years before he died. It’s a bizarre, but entertaining late seventies musical drama with an excellent performance by Roy Scheider (who got nominated for an Oscar).

The fictional Joe Gideon (Fosse’s alter ego) is a busy bee, creating a controversial new stage show and editing a stand up comedy movie. But the hard work – in combination with his excessive use of alcohol and tobacco – takes its toll. He’s admitted to hospital and faces death (represented by Jessica Lange). Maybe it’s time to change his habits… Or not.

Back in the eighties I watched this movie because it starred my hero Roy Scheider. I wasn’t impressed back then. 30 years later and I’m a more appreciative. Scheider is really good. But it’ll probably take me another 30 years to watch it again.

Manhattan – ***

Posted: June 26, 2013 in 1979, Comedy, romcom, USA, XXX

Woody Allen is Isaac, a twice divorced pseudo-writer who has a relationship with a 17-year-old but falls for the mistress of his best friend. And it all takes place in the city I’m living in for the moment: Manhattan!

It’s Woody Allen’s best according to several articles. But for that you would need to see all of his work, which I doubt many people have. I’ve only seen a few of which Bullets Over Broadway was my favorite. But Manhattan clearly merits the title (so far). It’s a very narrative movie, but I was hooked. From the beginning until the end. And I wasn’t even bothered that this 42-year-old had a relationship with a 17 year. I’m sure it was controversial at the time and I’m sure it’s still controversial. But in the end, this was good cinema.

Very Quote: What? You Can’t Plan Four Weeks In Advance?

Die Schweizermacher – *

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 1979, Comedy, Switserland, X

Started a tour in Basel and got this dvd from a colleague. I think this is the first swiss movie I watched. And it wasn’t all that good. The premise is good though. Two guys who work for the department of immigration have to check on three people if they are fit enough to become Swiss citizens. They are of course, but one of the two swissmakers (as they are called in the title) really wants to do everything possible to find something that proves they are not really willing to become Swiss.

As I said, the premise is great. Not sure why they haven’t made a remake yet in other countries, like Flanders… Maybe I should start writing…

But, it’s an old fashioned movie and the jokes are a bit lame really. The acting is just stupid as well. The ‘good’ swiss maker just smiles and that’s it. the immigrants are just re-enforcing clichés.