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Jaws 3(-D)

Posted: December 23, 2018 in 1983, Horror, USA

Crap movie #3

Someone said The Meg wasn’t that bad.

After having re-watched Jaws 3-D without the 3D effects, it’s true. The Meg isn’t that bad. In fact, compared to the third Jaws-movie, the Meg is a masterpiece.

This movie is so bad, that you would rate it negatively. It’s so bad, that it’s not even good anymore. Other movies are so bad that they become cult and funny. This one is so bad that all the bad movies  you see from now on are good compared to his nonsense.

It’s on Netflix, but the 3D effects don’t work. Do. Not. Attempt. To. Watch. It!

It’s basically about a great white shark entering a man-made Sea World like lagoon. It takes forever before the first attack happens. And none of the following attacks make any sense. This is a huge embarrassment for Hollywood.


Local Hero – *(*)

Posted: November 29, 2017 in 1983, Drama, Dramedy, UK, USA, X1/2

Maybe some movies do not stand the test of time. Like this ‘classic’ from the early eighties, suggested as a preparation for future work assignments in Scotland. Sure, it’s interesting to see how a small village in the Highlands get excited when the representative of a Texas oil company comes to see if he can buy the land for future development. But it’s quite a bore really. Peter Riegert is quite good as the American who looks at the Scottish villagers with awe and confusion. He carries the movie. But can’t save it. Maybe it’s a great movie if you saw it when it was released and you watch it again with nostalgia. But for a first viewing in 2017 it pretty much sucks.