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Driving along Omaha Beach and visiting the nearby American War Cemetery made me want to watch Saving Private Ryan again. Everyone who’s ever seen the first 15 minutes of that Spielberg epic, will never forget them. Watching those American troops get slaughtered while landing on the Normandy Beaches is a haunting experience and a marvel of cinematography.

The rest of the movie never reaches that same intensity, not even during the grand shootout finale. But it’s still a masterpiece. It’s still frustrating to remember how the Academy preferred Shakespeare In Love over this classic. But there are plenty of other examples of Oscar winners not deserving to win at all.

For those who haven’t seen the movie: Private Ryan is the sole survivor of a family of four brother who went to battle in World War II. He was dropped behind enemy lines and one captain Miller gets the task to find him and bring him back home alive. Normandy is still occupied by the Germans who have no intention to surrender, so the quest is dangerous and controversial. But successfully saving private Ryan may just be their ticket home.

I may not wait another 16 years to watch it again.