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In anticipation of The Force Awakens, the seventh episode in the Star Wars sage, and after re-watching the original trilogy about a year ago, it felt necessary to re-watch episodes I, II and III again.

The Phantom Menace remains rubbish. Even the third time around. It doesn’t even get half a star. It’s terrible. It doesn’t make sense. The acting is abominable (even though I start to appreciate Liam Neeson’s contribution), the special effects are unspectacular, it’s made for toddlers and there’s an overabundance of new characters and vehicles. RUBBISH.

Attack Of The Clones (xx) is much better. There’s more action. There’s less child’s talk. The acting is actually quite good. Apart from Samuel L Jackson who looks really out of place. But it has Christopher Lee! And Temuera Morrison!

But, Revenge Of The Sith (***) needs another re-watch. Soon. It’s great. It’s dark and gloomy. It has excellent fights. The acting is superb. This Hayden Christensen deserves more credit! Plus, in times of radicalization of young muslims you can compare the seduction to join the dark side with the attraction of to jihadist movements. How come no-one ever made this comparison before?

October Sky – *1/2

Posted: November 6, 2015 in 1999, biopic, Children/Family, Drama, USA, X1/2

This was on when I visited my parents today. My dad fell asleep, my mom left. And somehow i watched this until the very end. It’s made in 1999, but feels like it could have been made in the fifties (when the story actually takes place).

A miner’s son wants to be a rocket scientist, but hey he’s a miner’s son, so euh… dream on. Which he does. You already know in the beginning of the movie that this kid will succeed later in life. Why else would they make a movie about it? So there is ZERO suspense. And there’s little real drama either. And even less humor.

Jake Gyllenhaal was 18 when he made this movie, but he looks 12. He’s just a kid in a kid’s movie. Set in the fifties. Watch it if you really have nothing else to do. Or when you’re 12 or so and want to become a scientist.

hey, the entire movie is on YouTube

An Ideal Husband – **

Posted: March 23, 2015 in 1999, Comedy, Dramedy, UK, XX

Relatively unknown Jeremy Northam is remarkable as a Government Minister in Oscar Wilde’s England of the belle epoque. Together with his charming and intelligent wife (great performance by Cate Blanchett), he enjoys an undisputable reputation. Until an old acquaintance shows up (an excellent Julianne Moore) who blackmails him into changing his view in a matter that will be discussed in Parliament. She has some damaging information about his past that could ruin him. Enters a surprisingly good Rupert Everett as the minister’s best friend and the acquaintance’s ex fiancé. Maybe he can save the day.

It’s always hard to bring a stage play to the big screen, but with a great cast like this and an excellent cinematographer, costume & set designer you can pull it off. However, the story itself is very light and not memorable. It’s a fun 90 minutes watch. Nothing more, nothing less. But by the time the end credits roll, you’ve already forgotten what you just watched.

Three To Tango – **

Posted: March 25, 2013 in 1999, LGBT themed, romcom, USA, XX

I really don’t understand why some people slam this romantic comedy. It’s actually one of the better ones. Sure the storyline is very classic, but the twist is quite original. The obstacle that keeps the romantic couple apart is the sheer fact that the guy needs to pretend to be gay in order to get a job assignment.

Matthew Perry is an architect, who wants to work on a project for a rich city developer (Dylan McDermott), who’s having an affair with a loveable  artist (Neve Campbell). Due to some misunderstandings the city developer assumes the architect is gay and promises him an advantage if he wants to be a spy during an art gallery opening that his mistress will attend. The architect and the artists hit it off great and there’s love in the air, but honesty is a bitch when a career is at stake.

Le Placard is another movie in which a straight character has to pretend to be gay throughout the movie. It works. It leads to a lot of jokes and also some social-critical situations. I liked them! The movie is made in 1999, but feels like it could have been produced recently.It’s surprising how the depiction of the LGBT community has not changed in 14 years. Gay themed comedies are still focussing too much on the stereotypes. But Three To Tango has the right balance. Straight people won’t think it’s too gay and gay people won’t be offended. The humor is very predictable and harmless, but charms. And Matthew Perry is good.

There are much more terrible romantic comedies out there.


Watched this movie as I needed to do a lecture on the life of Joan Of Arc. What a piece of bad acting crap! Really bad. It’s a French production, with French actors trying to speak English. They should have just spoken French!!!

Pups – **

Posted: November 9, 2011 in 1999, Coming Of Age, Drama, Heist, Social Drama, USA, XX

In all its amateurism, this really isn’t a bad movie at all. It still is controversial, even though it dates from 1999. A thirteen year old finds a gun in his mother’s closet and shows it to his girl friend, who’s impressed. They walk to school and pass by a bank, which gives the kid an idea: let’s be cool and rob the bank! The bank robbing quickly turns into a heavily mediatized hostage situation.

Okay, the premise is bad. And the whole bank robbing / hostage situation makes no sense whatsoever. BUT this isn’t heist movie at all. It’s a reflection of our modern-day society and how fucked up it can be for certain kids. During the movie you get to learn a bit more about these young Bonnie and Clydes. They each have their problems. The main problem is that they don’t feel loved and that they are surrounded by influences of the adult world which they cannot put in perspective yet. The adult world (money, sex, violence) is so present in our society that kids don’t know how to deal with it correctly.

Apparently this movie was premiered a few days before the Columbine High School killings and was thus never released because of its similarities.

The acting is bad. The story is bad. The depiction and stereotyping of the characters is bad.

However, I really liked the dialogue (even though it was delivered badly). There were some really interesting reflections there. And, despite the low-budget, the directing wasn’t all that bad either. I finished the movie. I really got annoyed by every single character, but maybe that was the point. And I totally get what director Ash Baron Cohen (cousin of Sasha) wanted to point out.