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Miranda – **(*)

Posted: December 22, 2017 in 2009, Comedy, TV series, UK, XX1/2

Why are BBC series always so short? Season one has only six episodes. By the time you get to know the characters and start liking them for their particular jokes and one-liners (typical for BBC comedies), it’s over. The introducing pilot isn’t so funny. but by episode six you just don’t want it to stop.

Miranda is one of the most clumsy tv characters ever. She’s quite adorable really. A tall, not so feminine, daft, scary, unhip, awkward woman with an interest in singing eighties songs (a +) and who hasn’t really grown up yet! The way she addresses the audience (you) into her life is great. It works really well. And the fact she often fantasizes and imagines stuff that aren’t really happening but are shown anyway, works well too. Yep. Great comedy.

The side characters are okay too. But they are clearly overshadowed by Miranda Hart excellent comedic performance.

No trailer available. But all episodes are on youtube. Episode 4 is excellent. However, you do need to see the first three episodes to get to know the characters.


Jimmy Carr Telling Jokes – *(*)

Posted: October 24, 2017 in 2009, Comedy, Stand Up, UK, X1/2

Only ten percent of the jokes told by Jimmy Carr are hilarious. About 40 percent of them are pretty funny. Half of them are lame. It’s not a consistently good show. In fact, the telling jokes part is terrible. The interaction with the audience is excellent. (see below) The guy needs to improvise more. Just going on stage and telling random jokes just doesn’t work. The final part, where he tests the audience’s tolerance to inappropriate jokes is good. But none of them are really offensive. Not even the ‘most offensive joke ever’. (see even further below)

There’s a comedy central performance as an extra, which is even unfunnier. The only interesting there are the reactions of the (American) audience who just don’t get the insulting British sarcasm.

“If you were a type of soup, what kind of a soup would you be?” That was a funny interactive moment. (see below).




Another movie with Carice Van Houten showing her boobs! And there’s a good excuse this time. She plays a woman with breast cancer. She’s really just second fiddle to Barry Atsma, who plays her husband. He’s a successful advertisement manager and notorious playboy, who stands by his wife during her ordeal, but who also cheats on her. It’s quite interesting to see how the focus lies with the partner. It all feels very realistic. In other movies the partner of the patient is always a saint. But people aren’t saints. It makes more sense that the playboy cheats on his wife, than that he stays loyal to her. The fact that he admits it, makes him more human. The acting is really good and the chemistry between both actors works excellent. But the directing is soso and the even though the focus lies with the partner, in the end it’s just a movie about the terrible process that cancer patients go through. With a very long and emotionally predictable end, which does not stand for guaranteed tearjerking. In fact, most likely no tear will be shed at all.

Good Hair – **(*)

Posted: February 1, 2017 in 2009, Comedy, Documentary, USA, XX1/2

The hair industry for black women (and some men) in the United States is a multi million business. Black women spend thousands of dollars on their hair. All because they assume their natural hair is bad hair.

It’s a weird concept for a documentary. Especially when you’ve never before gave it any thought. Unless of course, you are black and live in the US.

The movie really talks only about this obsession of black people to have good hair and the money they spent on getting good hair. It doesn’t really talk about its social of psychological impact. It just talks about the craziness of the business.

The documentary is hilariously intriguing. It’s a non topic, really. But it’s brought in such a way that you can easily digest all that relatively useless information. It helps that Chris Rock is chosen to be the investigator. He’s excellent. If he’d host a documentary series, you would watch all the episodes. He’s like Louis Theroux. He just lets people talk and only responds by looking puzzled. His remarks are inoffensively sarcastic.

Now get this:

  • some black women spend 20.000 dollars a year on their hair. even those who cannot afford it.
  • there’s a dangerous chemical ingredient called sodium hydroxide that a large majority of black people put in their hair to ‘straighten’ it as if it’s the most normal thing to do, even when it burns their skull
  • some Indians ritually offer their long hair to a temple out of faith and for free. but that hair later is sold an resold for thousands of dollars so women in the US can wear weaves… !
  • some Indian hair collectors just cut it from women in movie theaters while they are being concentrated on the love scene on screen !!! its only a ‘little crime’ as explained in the documentary
  • men who date black women can tell a lot about their hair on the first date. If it’s not natural than it means she won’t go swimming with you, she’ll need a LOT of money to maintain it, she won’t let you touch it during sex, …. one of the funnier scenes is when Chris Rock asks the guys in the barber shop whether sex with white women is better just because they are less concerned about their hair…

Again, the focus of the documentary is on the business. And it’s entertaining. Throughout the movie Chris Rock follows contestants of a silly hair show in Atlanta. It’s okay, but it’s not taken seriously (which it shouldn’t). It would be a much more serious documentary if they would focus more on already mentioned social and psychological issues like black women honestly believing that an afro hairdo will lower their chances on the job market. (very confronting scene which isn’t really examined up closer). Or why some women spend more money on their hair than on healthy food or education for their children…

But a serious documentary wouldn’t be as much fun.

Luckily it’s 2017 and natural hair is back!!!!

Best Worst Movie – (*)

Posted: March 12, 2016 in 1/2, 2009, Documentary, USA

This is weird. It’s a documentary about the cult success of one of the worst movies ever: Troll 2. Maybe, just maybe, if you’ve actually seen that perfectly bad horror comedy, you might be excited about seeing this. But if you haven’t, don’t even bother. The director is the actor who ‘starred’ as a kid in the straight to vhs movie from 1990. Needless to write that he hasn’t acted since. The ‘star’ of this documentary is douche called George Hardy, who plays the dad in the above mentioned movie. He’s a dentist, somewhere in a southern small town, where everyone is shocked to learn that their favorite citizen starred in a (bad) movie. There’s a scene in the beginning of the documentary where someone says ‘I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t like George’. Well, guess what: I DON’T. What a silly, obnoxious, stupid twat. And he’s in almost every scene!

Sure it’s interesting to see that a bad movie becomes a cult classic (in the USA) twenty years later. But to fill 90 minutes with interviews of die hard fans organizing screenings and anyone involved in making the movie: nooooooo !

Let it go, Michael Stephenson, let it go!

Goodbye Solo – *

Posted: November 20, 2015 in 2009, Drama, USA, X


This movie scores 89 on metacritic with nothing but positive reviews. Either there is something terribly wrong with my feelings of empathy or the movie critics have never thought of suicide or hung out with a Senegalese pall before.

Here you have a story of an old and grumpy guy who’s fed up with life and has planned to commit suicide on a specific day in a specific location. All he needs is a taxi driver to bring him to the spot and that’s it. He plans the end of his life perfectly. Pays his debts, sells his house, closes his bank account and books a taxi driver to bring him to a mountain spot in the Appalachians. Great! Hooray for the freedom to choose how you end your life!

But then he encounters an obnoxious, over-cheerful, African immigrant taxi driver who feels the need to help this man change his mind. This is where I don’t get the movie critics. This is where I don’t get the promotion team behind the movie selling it as a ‘feel good movie’. From the very first scene this taxi driver interferes with his client’s wishes. He stalks him, forces his friendship on him, gets noisy, calls him Big Dog and Man to the point that you can’t wait for the client to get fed up and sling a fist into his face. (which happens an hour into the movie).

The Senegalese character is so incredibly annoying. He kills the movie from the very start. Yet, apparently, I’m the only person in the world who feels this way since everyone just loves this character. Like, really? Really? REALLY?

Luckily it ends well. In fact, it’s the end that saves the whole movie. Not the look I have no budget but I can make a film look great cinematography. Not the I‘ve never acted in my life and try to be as natural as possible by not acting at all skills of the main performers. But the fact that in the end, the taxi driver does what he was supposed to do and even helps him make that end journey more pleasant.

Ten years already!

Christmas 2004 is a date a lot of people will remember.

This is a great documentary made for the UK tv based on interviews of survivors and using a lot of video material from the survivors themselves and others who filmed the horrific events with their cellphone or video cameras.

It’s not easy to make a coherent documentary with amateur footage, but the makers pull it off. You can discuss why some of the images weren’t edited out (the dead bodies, the references to God, … ), but in the end it’s a real captivating document, which a documentary should be all about.

It’s all on youtube:


E.R. Season 15 – *(*)

Posted: December 12, 2014 in 2009, Disease of the week, Drama, USA, X1/2

Last season.

Really not the best.

Not even the cameo’s of former cast members are good.

Badly scripted and acted as if they all wanted it to end.


The Princess and The Frog lacks the humor and excitement of an average Pixar production, but has all the charm of a classic Disney movie: a strong heroin, funny side characters (a trumpet playing alligator and a heavily accented cajun firefly), a fascinating voice cast and an entertaining jazzy soundtrack. It all feels like it could have been made in the sixties as well with pretty old-fashioned and blank animation. The main characters are very unappealing looking frogs, but it’s set in New Orleans and has a positive message. It’s about a waitress who encounters a poor prince that has been turned into a frog by a voodoo man. He hopes to become a human again by kissing her, but instead she turns into a frog herself. It’s a great movie for kids. A good movie for adults.

Lucky Luke – 1/2

Posted: April 1, 2014 in 1/2, 2009, Action, Comedy, France, Western

This is crap.

The comic book series isn’t funny. This movie isn’t either. It’s silly.

But the cinematography is amazing. And the editing at times as well.