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The Expendables – *

Posted: July 20, 2017 in 2010, Action, USA, X

There are times when the brain doesn’t want to think and just be entertained. With action and laughter. And a little bit of nostalgia. The Expendables has a lot of car chases/shootings/explosions, silly one liners and cinema heroes from the eighties.

However, somehow, all these elements don’t really make the experience entertaining enough. More than 200 people get killed in this one. (in fact 221 according to Kill Count) But none of them are really killed in a cool Tarantino kind of way. Apart from that one scene where Stallone stabs a guy in the throat and then turns around the knife a few times. Not really cool, but at least it was different.

Yes, it’s a movie with and directed by Sylvester Stallone. And yes, the list of cast members is impressive. But most of them just have cameo’s. That one scene with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger is funny, but redundant. You watch this movie because you want to see the interaction between these guys, not for a one scene joke.

There’s a story of course. But it’s too silly to even start summarizing.

The Expendables 2 is also on the shelf. (they only cost 1 euro). But not sure if it will ever make it to the dvd player.

Drei (3) – *(*)

Posted: January 30, 2017 in 2010, Drama, Germany, LGBT themed, Satire, X1/2

A straight couple who’ll be celebrating their 20th anniversary together and finally plan to get married, both encounter the same man who they feel attracted to. She meets him at some congress, he meets him at the swimming pool. And soon they all have an affair. This is why Facebook has ‘it’s difficult’ as a relationship status.

The humor and the conversations are quite elitist, with references to theatre, art, literature, philosophy and science. It’s a bit too much sometimes. The story itself is very simple and predictable. None of that intellectual blabla makes it more profound.

But there are moments, when it’s entertaining. It has a Toni Erdmann feel, but it is less weird and less confronting. The acting (especially by Austrian tv actress Sophie Rois) makes it worthwhile and the editing trick of having several scenes appear all over the screen is fun.

And let’s go to Berlin again and get into that swimming pool !

La Nostra Vita – *(*)

Posted: January 17, 2017 in 2010, Drama, Italy, Social Drama, X1/2

An Italian construction worker discovers a dead body of an illegal worker at the construction site and doesn’t report out of fear that authorities will close down the place. A few days later he loses his wife during the birth of their third child. From then on his life becomes a mess. Left alone to raise three kids, he starts focussing on work. He’s able to blackmail his boss. He’ll keep the death of the illegal worker a secret in return for more responsibility during the building process of another project. But the job seems too difficult…

Elio Germano is great as the construction worker. He’s a bit of a prick, but he has a lot of  charm as well. His character feels real, even though the situation around him doesn’t.

There’s a lot of misery in this movie. So be warned. There’s hardly any humor and there’s hardly anyone to sympathize with. But some scenes make it worth the watch.


Kawa – *

Posted: July 16, 2016 in 2010, LGBT themed, New Zealand, Social Drama, X

A maori man (and future tribe leader) leaves his wife and children to figure out how to come to terms with being gay.

Yep, another movie about a gay man struggling with his homosexuality and the (non) acceptance of the people around him. This time set in New Zealand and directed by a woman! It’s boring, predictable and annoying from start to finish.

Inside Job – *(*)

Posted: January 3, 2016 in 2010, Documentary, Uncategorized, USA, X1/2

If, after watching The Big Short, you feel like you want to know more about the financial credit crisis of the late 00’s, than there’s this award winning documentary called Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon.

It’s kind of interesting, but somehow doesn’t really live up to its reputation. It gets boring quite fast. It’s very negative and depressing and biased, which isn’t necessarily a critique because you could not possibly make a positive, uplifting and neutral account of the crisis even if you tried hard. But it’s just so fucking boring. No wonder these insurance companies, banks, financial experts, ratings bureaus and even professors and journalists get away with so much crooked business. They made it so incredibly confusing and difficult that no normal person can understand what they are doing. Hey, most of the time they do not even understand themselves.

The long rating is just because of the topic. If you did not read about the crisis when it happened, you most likely do not want to learn about it now either.

Rented it. But damn, the whole documentary is on youtube!

Nothing much to write about this exciting heist movie. The acting is good (even by Ben Affleck). The directing is great (as expected from Ben Affleck). The story is captivating and the action is thrilling. See it!

The Trip – *

Posted: March 7, 2015 in 2010, Comedy, Dramedy, UK, X

British comedian Steeve Coogan plays a fictitious version of himself in this comical mockumentary. There isn’t really a plot, apart from the fact that he goes on a culinary review road trip to the northern part of Britain with his colleague Rob Brydon. This leads to an endless series of pointless – often boring – conversations that are only interesting if you know the characters and their humor.

It’s tiring to watch the discussions between these two men. Coogan plays an arrogant, egoist and narcissistic version of himself. Brydon gives impressions of actors like Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, etc… almost 90 percent of the time. Both are incredibly annoying.

Okay, there are some funny moments, it’s very recognizable to a certain extent and the food looks excellent and delicious. It’s probably great to be with them on a real trip. They probably had an excellent time filming this, improvising almost all the scenes. But as a viewer you want more. You want to like the characters, you want to indulge in their chatter, you want to feel part of the adventure. And there’s nothing of that in this movie.

What a waste of time.