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Seen at home on dvd.

As I am about to start a tour that takes me to Bonn, I decided to watch Copying Beethoven, a fictitious account of the last year of the German composer. I stopped watching after 70 min.

The acting is mediocre. Beethoven is just Ed Harris with a huge wig. And Diane Kruger is a gorgeous German gal, but isn’t doing much more than reciting lines. It also seems like she did it in German and got dubbed afterwards. After all, this is a German-Hungarian-American co-production. ¬†And as is the case with almost all co-productions, this one also looks like a mess that needed to be finished fast before the money really ran out. The story is thin and becomes even weaker by the end of the movie. A girl gets a job copying the scores of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, is supposed to be horrified by him, but then really starts caring. Big deal. So many things don’t add up. She complains about him being brute, but you never see that brute side of the composer. You see him yell and shout and hit objects, but you never see him that brutal that she would complain about it. Then of course Beethoven is deaf and even though they try to stick to the rule that he can only hear someone if that person is standing in front of him, they ‘forget’ about it quite often. Very strange. Again, probably no money for someone to review the movie for inconsistencies.

Anyways. Didn’t finish the movie. Couldn’t care less. Amadeus it most definitely is not.