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Time for another Warner Classic! This time from 1932!

Honestly, 1932 is 85 years ago and this movie still rocks! It’s adventurous, exciting and funny. It doesn’t take itself serious at all, which is amazing. Because the tongue in cheek humor from back then still works now.

Of course, it’s an old black and white movie and a lot of scenes are shot in front of stills rather than in a natural environment. And yes, some scenes, especially the ones depicting the tribal men, feel very outdated. Only the white characters matter – boo. However, throughout the entire movie there are moments of awe. The fight between Tarzan and the lion is so real, it looks better than any GCI effect from now. Probably because there was an actual fight between a (stunt)man and a lion. And Jane, interpreted by Maureen Sullivan is an excellent heroin. Here you have this very feminine woman who can shoot a riffle, who isn’t scared of being taken by a wild man, who is very confident about her sexual needs. What happened in the next couple of decades? This is feminism avant la lettre! She’s manipulative, seductive, charming, fickle, independent and brave! She’s the absolute star of this movie. And so is Cheetah of course.

There’s been many remakes and even a Disney version. Hey, there’s a new Tarzan movie coming up, but this one is the best!

Now, do yourself a favor: invite a few friends, watch this movie and give your own audio commentary to what is shown. You’ll have a blast! Unless you like everything to be politically correct of course.