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There’s little drama in this family tale, set in the vineyards of Burgundy, but it’s still a great treat. Just because there is so little drama maybe. The situations that occur are real. The feelings that are expressed are real. The images are real. It doesn’t feel like fiction at all. It feels this family exists and you are part of their inner circle. It’s excellent.

Jean comes back to Burgundy, after having been away for ten years. He left the vineyard that his father runs to explore the world. He settled in Australia, where he operates a vineyard with the mother of his son. The irony! But now he’s back. His brother and sister are surprised by his return, especially since he didn’t even bother coming back for the funeral of his mother five years before. It’s an awkward, but pleasant reunion. And the siblings’ bond gets stronger once their dad passes away and they can mourn together. The harvest is about to happen and all help is needed… But what with the vineyard? Their dad left the estate to ALL of his children. Jean cannot just sell his share of the land.

I’m in Burgundy quite a lot, more specific in the region that the movie is filmed in. It’s a beautiful region of France and its beauty is well documented in this motion picture. You get to learn a lot about the winemaking process. Not so much about the technical stuff that is explained in guided visits, but more about what happens behind the scenes. It’s interesting to learn about all the dilemmas that these family owned businesses have to face.

This movie has some of my favorite scenes of the past cinematic year. Simple images, without dialogue, but very telling and moving. There are quite a lot of them. And the dialogue is also well written. The flashbacks add to the story. And the atmosphere is light hearted. Again, this is no heavy drama. This is drama light. But Cedric Klapisch, makes it entertaining for the entire two hours feature. 55 on Metascore. 6,9 on imdb. Bull. There is something wrong with these review sites. This is a great movie. Period.