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Pinx is a nice little festival held over a couple of days at the Sphinx cinema in the centre of Ghent. It shows gay-themed movies from all over the world, most of which will never get a broad cinematic release. It’s great if you live in Ghent or if you combine a movie with a visit to this touristy Flemish town (or with other showings).

One of this year’s Pinx movies comes from Brazil. It ‘stars’ upcoming talent Jesuita Barbosa as a young soldier in the late seventies, when the country was still controlled by a military junta. But it’s more of a showcase for Irandhir Santos, who plays the young boy’s love interest and the leader of a hedonist anarchical theater group.

Santos’ acting is quite powerful. There are some okay moments. And the director was able to create a particular atmosphere that focuses on the sexual and theatrical revolution of Brazil’s seventies. But that’s about the only positive things you can write about this musical drama. It’s not as universal as say, Que Hora Ela Volta, and a lot of the comical or poetic references only work if you understand Portuguese. The theater group is a pot smoking hippie cabaret ensemble who bring nothing fascinating to the stage (apart from that one song about asses maybe). And the relationship between a thirty-something guy with a teenage boy feels weird, even though it looks quite natural on screen.

Judge for yourself. Or not. You won’t miss anything.


Just before the movie started, a short was presented as well. Dániel tells the story of a young student in psychology who finances his studies by prostituting himself. He meets the new boyfriend of his friend Nori during a dinner. But that encounter ends with a surprise…. It’s the kind of short movie that students at film schools graduate with. If it wasn’t for the Hungarian conversations and the cute main character, nobody would give it any attention.