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De Premier

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Action, Flanders, Thriller

This is by far the worst movie of 2016. It doesn’t even deserve (*).

Not only is the storyline utterly basic and ridiculous, it’s also a total waste of acting talents. And the directing is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. !

It’s really bad. Surprisingly bad. Because you somehow want to support your local star director for starting all over again after his Hollywood adventure turned out to be a flop. But no. This is just crap.

The worst thing is, that if some low budget distributor of straight to dvd c-movies would have given a 24-year old graduate from some Californian film school the chance to shoot a movie about the prime minister of some small unpopular country like Belgium being forced to kill the president of the United States, he would have done a better job !

The prime minster has two kids, one of which sleeps almost the entire movie. He’s the smartest character in the entire story. And the luckiest one.

This movie is so bad it makes you angry that it even got made and that it even gets publicity. And some good reviews. By people who get paid probably.